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Cursed Treasure 2 Cursed Treasure 2

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So, I guess I should review as well, after spending time to get the medals - and be entertained, of course.
This game is tower-defense done right. The levels are short-ish, but not too short, perfect to fit in if you just want to relax for a few minutes. I appreciate being given experience even while losing a level, which essentially means levels become easier automatically as you fail to complete them. There is a large replay-value with the medals, and the night mode, even though I haven't completed any night modes, except the first two levels (though I completely cleared day mode, save for some brilliant ratings).
- That I am getting skill points were not immediately obvious to me (namely that you could spend them on special abilities). I played a few levels that were probably quite a bit harder than they could be, because I failed to realize I could acquire some pretty amazing spells to make things much easier.
- The difficulty curve increases very very steeply with the amazons. Especially in level 16, where you are very limited in where you can build, due to the large amount of runes you have to tear down. Level 17 in contrast is a piece of cake. They could probably be switched around. Nothing else increased the difficulty as much as the amazons - divers and anything coming in the later levels are easier than the amazons. If I missed something, then it wasn't obvious to me what I had to do. Terror seemed not to be worth it with the high mana cost. Note I played these before terror protected the towers for 2 seconds. By now, it seems easy again - but then again, I pretty much have all upgrades. ;)
- At some point in the level the game becomes trivial and I just continuously switch between fast forward and attack, ending the level with 10k gold and not knowing what to do with the mana. Basically, the beginning of each level is where you need to be careful, after that it's just busy work (click fast forward, click coins, upgrade).
- I like the puns posted in various places.
- The bosses were interesting.
- Music and sound effects are good (I never heard of Sound Ideas before, the site looks interesting, but the sounds take forever to load for me - not related to this game of course, but to one of your replies to the reviews).
- Graphics are excellent.

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IriySoft responds:

Thanks! %D Did you try the updated version (1.3.1)? The game balance is improved there a lot %)